Stop Child Abuse Now (Radio Show 9/21/2020)

Tonight’s special guest is DeJay Lester from Kennewick, Washington, a child abuse survivor, activist and author of the book ‘Fostering Dreams‘. DeJay’s childhood started out well, in a stable and loving home environment, but at the age of 10 his mother became ill and he was abruptly sent to live with his father, a man that he barely knew. DeJay shares his many struggles, uncertainties, and disappointments his father. Following years of abuse he found his voice and spoke up about what was going on at his father’s house, and began circling around the foster care system shortly after. Feeling insecure, DeJay began to rebel against the hardships in his life. His life began to change when a caring family, the Lesters, took him into their home and showed him what a loving family was like. The hardships weren’t quite over for DeJay though. He would still have to endure being kidnapped by his father and discovering that his mother had passed away. As he began to wonder who he was or where he belonged, he found his saving grace. Football became an important factor in saving his life. His coaches, adoptive family and the supporting adults in his life saw the potential in him that no one else had seen. Together they taught him how to channel his anger and turn his aggression into being the best athlete he could be. After many years of hard work and dedication, DeJay found himself playing professional football in the Arena Football League. Through football, DeJay can now share his story to impact a younger generation who may be battling similar hardships in their life. This book reflects the importance of acceptance, abuse and struggle in the lives of youth today, giving people new perspective on important situations.