Nobody longs for a safe and loving family more than a child in foster care. Some kids don’t get to celebrate their birthdays, some don’t get words of encouragement, many don’t have parental supports, yet alone the bare essentials to help them start adult life. Growing up in the foster care system was not ideal. I constantly wore pants that were way too short, shoes that were way too small or way too big, and shirts that had been worn by dozens of kids before me. This feeling of never having your own clothes, your own belongings, or a place to call home is devastating as a child. This life experience is what brought me to create my own brand, Fostering Dreams. My goal for this brand is for it to contribute to the self confidence of and give a sense of belonging to millions of children and adults that experienced the same struggles I did. I want this brand to draw awareness to the struggles of the Foster Care system that so many have endured. At Fostering Dreams, I want to show that there is someone who cares, someone who understands, and someone who supports kids in foster care. And YOU can help be apart of that! Proceeds from your purchases will be donated to making foster kids wishes come true because, in the end, this is a brand that Fosters Dreams.

How to Make a Difference

Remember how exciting it was to get a college care package from your parents? Why not give a child in foster care that same feeling.

With the help of thousands of people across the country like YOU, we can provide these unfortunate children with new belongings and new hope through Fostering Dreams care package program.