Life Tip: A snake can shed its skin but will always be a snake

Growing up, we long for the fairytale family; that image we all see on tv. All these shows like Fresh Prince of Bel Air and modern family, create this fantasy family in our minds. For me, I didn’t have an uncle Phil growing up, so I know what if feels like to not have a father. Coming to live in the USA with someone who was supposed to be one was not the fantasy I dreamed off. He wasn’t someone that should have given up on me yet he did. So I know what it’s like to hate my father. He chose himself over me. He let his own demons and things he hadn’t healed from determine how he would treat me. For the longest time, I didn’t know how to feel. I sort of went numb from that moment on. Just thinking about him makes my heart go numb still today. 

To my SPERM DONOR, thank you for abandoning me! Because it made me who I am today. Through your actions, you taught me that you’ll never change and you’ll ALWAYS be the useless, arrogant, selfish person that you are. I’m just trying to pick up the pieces of my life and hoping I put them together right. And you gave me the directions for how NOT to do that. 

As Boosie said, “You don’t know my struggle, so you can’t feel my hustle”. Not many people know what I had to face but everyone should know that HOPE kept me pushing through the tough times. I forgave but will never forget. For those lessons shaped who I became.

So at the end of the day, always remember that friends, family and people we let in our inner circle sometimes may be the snakes we need to weed out in order to take the next step forward in life.