My name is DeJay Lester and this website is an autobiography/motivational/impartation to the young generations upcoming and anyone who has been through trauma in their journey of life.

Glad you came by! I wanted to welcome you and let you know I am grateful, appreciative, and thankful for you spending time here at the blog. Everyone is so busy and life moves pretty fast, so I thank you for taking time out of your busy day to check out my page! 

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Could childhood trauma have the power to shape your adulthood? No stage is more intense, wonderful, and vulnerable at the same time, than our childhood. 

Those first experiences forever mark not only a large part of the course of our lives, but also the vision we have of it. The bond that we establish with our caregivers, with parents who love, guide, care and clothe us, will offer us the pillars of our development to grow with security and autonomy. 

In contrast poor parenting, unsafe environments, and negative exposures can cause trauma which may also derive into more serious problems during adulthood. Childhood trauma can be inflicted through diverse ways, a few of the most common causes are sexual abuse, physical abuse, abandonment and grief. Parents, siblings, as well as those in positions of high authority, can inflict childhood trauma, while leaving behind emotional and psychological scars when the abuse has ended. And despite the length and intensity of the childhood trauma, many people can successfully overcome it and properly shape their adulthood. 

I believe it’s possible to overcome the many struggles, uncertainties, and disappointments that follow the years after abuse occurs. I was abused by my father after being abruptly taken from my mother. I found myself missing my mother more and more each day we were apart. And later being heartbroken by her death. After being removed from my father’s house, I circled around the foster care system, struggling to learn and obey new rules in each home I was placed in. I struggled with insecurities and began to rebel against the hardships in life. As I began to wonder who I was or where I belonged, I found my saving grace. Football became an important factor in saving my life. My coaches, adoptive family, and the supporting adults in my life saw the potential in me that no one else had before and encouraged me to pursue my dreams. 

Together, they taught me how to channel my anger, rely on my faith in God, and turn my aggression into being the best athlete I could be. After many years of hard work and determination, I succeeded in playing professional football in the Arena Football League. 

I now want to use my life experiences and football career in a positive way by sharing my stories to impact a younger generation who may be battling similar hardships in their life. My blog reflects the importance of acceptance and bringing awareness to struggles in the lives of youth today. I’d like to give people a new perspective on these pertinent situations. For more of a look into my story, I encourage you to check out my book Fostering Dreams

I will always do my best to bring you content that will interest, inspire, motivate, and maybe even have you walking away thinking and seeing things in a different way than before you came. 

Our lives are more than just dreaming, it’s about manifesting goals into reality. I believe our objectives should begin in the heart, mind, and in the soul. Life is about giving back and I want to give back to you with what I have to share. 
I promise to be honest about me and my life, what I have experienced, and who I am. I will never suggest anything to you or for you that I haven’t either tried myself, believe in, or have researched and know the facts about. I will always research my posts and bring you content that is honest and real.

This blog will always be changing because I am. You are. The world is. So don’t get too comfortable. I like to surprise from time to time and being your fans that I am, I just might throw you a curve ball every now and then. 

Thanks for letting me,
DeJay Lester